PayPal For ARForms ( Version: 2.6 )


By: Repute Infosystems


ARForms has a new extension which accepts payment via standard PayPal method. ARForms PayPal is just another WordPress plugin which you can install and manage just like other WordPress plugins.

ARForms PayPal plugin integrates your form entries and payment in a single process. You can send users to PayPal with Dynamic amount directly after form submission from ARForms.

Note: Please meet the minimum requirement of PHP version 5.6 and WordPress version 4.5

Key Features:

  • Multiple currencies
  • Configuration for PayPal page
  • Dynamic Return & Cancel URL
  • Easy installation
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Fast & Lightweight
  • IPN Verification
  • Sandbox Facility
  • Multiple Payment Method Selection Conditionally ( Product/Service and Subscription together )
  • Conditional Payment - Send to PayPal only after defined condition becomes true
  • Transaction Notifications
  • View and Search Transactions
  • Multi-lingual